Why Measuring The CO2 Around You Is So Important

Why Measuring The CO2 Around You Is So Important

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Many places in and out of our city have been filling up with people eager to get back into a routine, and a new start at life after the impacts that COVID had over the past few years. At the same time new Omricon variants are currently pushing the infection rates up, and with the winter flu season arising, it is now more important than ever to stay safe. An easy way to accomplish that is by checking the CO2 rates around you. 

Schools, Gyms and Public Transport are just some of the many places with a high population but not a lot of breathing room. To put it another way, how many microscopic aerosol particles are the people around you spewing out into the room at every minute? 

Recently a small study conducted by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, started gathering some answers. The study found that, at rest, men and women breathed out about 500 particles per minute and when exercising these numbers significantly rose to 76,000 parts per minute. These particles being made up of Carbon Dioxide, or CO2. 

In general, packing hard breathing bodies into small spaces is a bad way at avoiding the spread of COVID19 and other respiratory diseases. 

Scientists investigating these and similar outbreaks suggested that low ventilation and high respiration indoors accounted to a wildfire spread of COVID. 

After this was discovered, a new study was created in Germany. A group of scientists and fluid dynamics researchers, devised a way to measure emission of particles in the air, inside of an airtight tent. They concluded that being indoors with many people, and more importantly exercising indoors, is a higher risk activity, and good ventilation and air exchange are a way to limit transmission risk. 

Measuring the CO2 in the places you visit, reduces the risk of you being in unventilated areas and therefore catching COVID along with other respiratory diseases. It is a great way for people with underlying health issues to watch out for themselves, and people without to know that they are staying safe. 

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