What is a CO2 monitor? How does it work?

What is a CO2 monitor? How does it work?

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What is a CO2 monitor?

A CO2 monitor is a miniture device that measures the ratio of CO2 values in the air. This is expressed in PPM or parts per million.

How does a CO2 monitor work and why should I measure it?

When people are in a room with too much CO2 they are at risk to multiple health problems. When too much CO2 is present in the air the brain does not get enough oxygen to function at 100%. This can lead to things like headaches and lack of concentration. As well as this, having too much CO2 in the air can also lead to allergies getting worse and a faster transmission of diseases such as COVID19.

420 ppm - outdoor air

420-999 ppm - optimal air quality indoors

1000 ppm - brain cognitive function decreases by 15%

1400 ppm - brain cognitive function decreases by 50%

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Hello! Im Henry Hackett and today i would like to show you my sports house captain application

Now, I have been in Warnakey for 6 years now, always striving to win carnavals such as swimming and athletics. I have always been encouraging to others and have always been a good sportsman to others, even if we don't win something I have always congratulated the other team no matter who they are. 


In Warnakey I will try and make friendship, show everyone motivation and try and prove it's not always about winning it's all about trying your best and having fun


I think the most important skills for a leader are,

Being honest

Being creative

Inspire others

Have empathy

Push people to their limits


One sport leader that I admire is alessandro del piero he’s sydney fc’s number 10

He spent two seasons with Australian side Sydney FC he retired in 2014, after a season with Delhi Dynamos FC in the Indian Super League. Del Piero has scored in every competition in which he has participated In his career Del Piero scored 462 goals.

I have admired ded piero for a while now as I have always dreamt of being a football player for my team, Sydney FC


If I had a magic wand I would make everyone happy and make the school a big beautiful place such as grass and many more things. I would get more sports equipment for the school so more people would be able to play the game they want to play.


I would give up my recess and lunch time if i had to, to make war cries and posters and just help out warnakey in general with activities or anything they could possibly need

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