About us

Our Mission

Our mission - to work together creating the best environment for patient care.


Inspired by the #TheatreCapChallenge we recognise the benefits of staff name and role identification in improving communication, camaraderie, teamwork and ultimately patient care.

Front Line Environments 

Taking into account front line work environments and through close collaboration with frontline staff, patients and others we create the best labelling solutions for all healthcare work wear (theatre caps, scrubs, staff uniforms etc)

Best Solutions

Pin badges can cause trauma are easily lost and sometimes take months to be replaced. Lanyards are tucked away down tops or left to dangle on patients or sterile work fields.

We work with you to best understand healthcare work environments and create the best solutions.

We value your feedback - please email us at info@theatrecaps.com.

Together we’ll create the best environment for patient care.

The TheatreCaps team.