Safety - On A First Name Basis

Safety - On A First Name Basis

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Safety - On A First Name Basis

Throughout all specialties, the majority of junior doctors consider the consultants they address informally to be more approachable.


Introduction Evidence has suggested that when senior doctors are less approachable, junior staff are less likely to raise safety issues. There are limited existing data on whether the name by which junior doctors address their seniors reflects approachability and if this varies between grade and specialties.

Methods An online survey was conducted in a large teaching hospital. Respondents were asked about their use of first names when addressing consultants and whether they felt this reflected their perceptions of the consultants' approachability.

Results Four-hundred and twenty-three responses were received from a cohort of approximately 800 junior doctors. Of these, 410 were included in this analysis. Respondents came from 57 different subspecialties and all years of training. Overall, junior doctors addressed 43% of consultants by their first name; 71% of junior doctors perceived these consultants to be more approachable. There were significant differences in the results between grades and specialty of junior doctor.

Conclusion Throughout all specialties, the majority of junior doctors consider the consultants that they address informally to be more approachable.

To read more about the survey by Alice and Ben please click on this link.

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Safety, sTheatre Caps 'Patients are extremely supportive of name and role theatre caps believing it to be a good idea that will make them feel safe and re-assured during their peri-operative experience.' This was the conclusion of a survey of 129 patients performed at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK. 95% of patients indicated it's a good idea, 95% of patients indicated it would help them understand who is looking after them, 95% of patients indicated they would find this reassuring during their visit. These were some of the patients comments: 'I think it is a fabulous idea as when the staff introduce themselves you often forget, it’s nice to be able to use people’s names it makes you feel less nervous.' 'As an older person who can’t remember names and feels embarrassed about this it would help me and lots like me, thank you.' 'Magic!''A definite yes as you could recognise trained nurses from healthcares porters and anyone else who wears scrubs around the hospital.' 'It’s a very good idea.' 'A great idea, would make patients feel safe and know who they were talking to.' 'Very good idea.' 'I think this is a good idea.' 'It is easier to see the name on a hat than on a badge as badges are not always visible, a hat is eye level' 'Nurses usually introduce themselves when they meet you and have some tags anyway but it wouldn’t do any harm having names on hats and it may stand out more.' 'Different colour uniforms are confusing, love this idea!!' 'I think that this would be a good idea as you can identify people who are dealing with you and I think that it makes a more reassuring experience for some people who are afraid or procedures.' 'I think this is a great idea.' 'Very helpful doing a good job thank you.' 'Make it easier to relate to who is treating you.' 'Makes it easier than looking at badges.' 'Help you remember who is looking after you.

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