Label Your Own Caps - Iron Labeled Caps

Label Your Own Caps - Iron Labeled Caps

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Label Your Own Caps!

Here's a personal experience from one of our ‘label your own caps’ customers Erica Sanderson:
What's your inspiration in choosing the design of your caps?
- I have a few Etsy stores whose designs and fabric choices I like, so I occasionally just check there to see if there’s any fabrics I like.
Did you make them yourself or did you buy them?
- No I didn’t make them myself, though I have made my own caps in the past. I like scrub hats by sister Pearl (Etsy) and Jacq hats (Etsy)
What are the materials used in making your caps?
- These caps are soft cotton with an adjustable toggle at the back.
What are the reactions of the people in your workplace after seeing your caps?
- I’ve just been on nightshift, and every night someone has commented on my scrub caps and asked where I got the iron on labels from. I’m noticing more and more people are keen to wear their name/role on their caps.
Are you confident when you're wearing your caps with your role and name on it?
- I definitely notice how much better the team communication is when I’m wearing a cap with my name and role on it. I work in a critical care environment, am often in the emergency department for major trauma calls, and in theatre for both emergency and elective surgeries. There are always new faces, and team make up from one shift to the next is always different. It is really pleasant to be addressed by name and to be able to do the same for others. In critical situations, I’ve found this really speeds the communication between team members, and helps in speeding up task allocation when every moment counts
If you’d like to purchase personalised labels for your own caps then please click on this link.

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