Professor Marlies Schijven - BlackBox Operating System

Professor Marlies Schijven - BlackBox Operating System

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Professor Marlies Schijven - BlackBox Operating System

It's fantastic being able to interact with such progressive passionate staff working in healthcare to discover more about their work. 

Professor Marlies Schijven (Professor of Surgery and Chair or Healthcare Simulation from the University Medical Centre, Amsterdam) certainly someone demonstrative of this leadership.

Marlies is a big proponent of name & role Theatre Caps:


Marlies is also doing some amazing work with her BlackBox Operating Theatre System - I was lucky enough to catch up with her to find out more:


What is the BlackBox Operating theatre system?

The black box is a system that is able to capture a variety of data streams in the operating room, such as video images from the mounted OR ceiling camera’s, camera in the OR lamp, laparoscopic camera (videostream of surgery), sounds in the OR, but also imput from the anesthesiology machine (patient parameters) and the endosuite of the OR (temperature, door movements).

It captures and synchronizes the data, strips it from personal identifiers and blurs faces and voices to protect privacy.

The resulting dataset is encrypted and analyzed, partly by AI algorithms, partly by medical professionals, for various purposes; for instance: generation of an outcome report to discuss in OR teams (team debriefing).


How did the idea come about and how has it changed the work you do?

It has been developed to support safety in the operating room.

Using the outcome reports in team debriefing, it helps our professionals to become more aware of what is actually going on in the OR, help understand each others need and perception, helps to vocalize and support concerns and build trust.


Where can people find out more information? 

A very informative video can be seen via youtube:

Also via pubmed or researchgate people can find and download the articles:                                                                                                                                      


Thank you Marlies - great to be able to do our bit to help and send you some reusable personalised TheatreCaps.

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