Why air cleaning is important

Why air cleaning is important

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in recent years, a new demand for air cleaning has developed among many people who value healthy living.

When it comes to air quality, most of them rightly are worried about atmospheric pollution, but tend to forget about indoor air pollution. Being at home or in the office does not protect us from polluted air.

The pandemic reminded us to take proper care of air quality in school, in the office, and at home.

And with good reason: the air we breathe impacts how we learn, work, and relax.

Given that we spend around 80 or 90 percent of our time in enclosed spaces, measuring and controlling indoor air quality (IAQ) should not be considered a side issue.

According to calculations by the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) and Greenpeace, air pollution is causing 4.5 million premature deaths worldwide each year.

Besides the outdoor exposure to exhaust gases, ozone or pesticides (which have an impact on IAQ too), various sources can affect indoor air quality, including construction materials, stored chemicals, condensation, dust and paints.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, the air quality indoors actually tends to be worse than outdoors. And this cocktail of polluted air affects our well-being, our daily activities, and our physical and mental health, resulting in less personal freedom. Breathing clean air is essential; in fact, it should be a fundamental human right.

Innovators like Sensirion have developed intelligent technological solutions that can be used in air purifying or air ventilation systems. Let’s unleash the full potential of clean air – for a happy and healthy life! 

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