Our Hospital Community, Efficiency in the Theatre Rooms

Our Hospital Community, Efficiency in the Theatre Rooms

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One of our main goals at TheatreCaps is to improve the efficiency and community within hospital theatre rooms. Knowing the people you work with, and feeling comfortable in a surgical environment is vital, so you can turn your attention to the patients that need it. A patient-centered approach improves the safety and quality of care. It has obvious personal, clinical, and organisational advantages. It also meets an ethical requirement: patients should be involved in their own care and should have the right to being treated to the best of our abilities.

We recently had a group order from a few different nurses and aneasthetists at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, who have provided helpful feedback and an insight to what they thought about our theatre caps and the ordering system they used, our smartsheet ordering system.


"The feedback from the staff has been tremendous - I have been wearing name/role hats since I started my anaesthetic training 4 years ago, and I thought it [was] time to get everyone else on board. Communication is improved and relationships between staff and patients is much more personable which improves moods throughout the complex. Would recommend." 

Our SmartSheet ordering system is a strategy we use to make it the easiest for you and fellow collegues to order caps at the same time. We can create a SmartSheet bespoke for your group - you can set limits on the number of caps, colour, allocated roles, specify a particular colour cap for a particular role or level of experience - whatever suits your needs.

Feedback is another important element that we value, whenever you feel something isn't up to standard or have any ideas on improving the caps or effeciency of one of our systems feel free to tell us. We beleive that even the little things can help improve the health care community for the better and that it can be a colabrative and exciting thing as well as for the benefit of patients. 


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