4.2 million likes for the #TheatreCapChallenge

4.2 million likes for the #TheatreCapChallenge

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When the #TheatreCapChallenge hit the BBC world news this article received 4.2million likes.

That's a lot of likes.

#TheatreCapChallenge, the simple idea that "is saving lives" in operating rooms

"Can't you remember your name?" Rob Hackett's colleagues used to joke with him.

It was the end of 2017 and the British anesthesiologist had decided to start entering operating rooms with his name and profession written on his cap, something so colorful that it was unavoidable for his colleagues.

And that was precisely the idea: to be easily detected and read.

A year and a half later, his #TheatreCapChallenge initiative went viral.

"For more than 10 years I have focused on improving patient safety," the doctor tells BBC Mundo from Sydney (Australia), where he has lived for two decades.

His interest in the subject began after witnessing the death of a young mother from a series of "dangers that still exist".

"I am aware that a great many other people continue to die unnecessarily from these same problems," says the anesthesiologist.

These "dangers" or "problems" are called medical errors .

The idea of ​​the hats with names came from an unexpected way: reading the self-help book " How to Win Friends and Influence People " by the American Dale Carnegie.

"The more I thought about it, the more obvious and fantastic the idea seemed to me," he confesses. It creates an improvement in patient care and exposes the healthcare frameworks we rely on to resist change."

But the initiative lacked massification.

The idea came from then-midwife student Alison Brindle, who proposed using the hashtag #TheatreCapChallenge on social media.

You can read more here: https://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias-47543716

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