Frequently Asked Questions - TheatreCaps FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions - TheatreCaps FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How are TheatreCaps laundered?

Our products are all laundry safe with internationally recommended washing techniques at up to 60°C in compliance with NHS laundering standards.

We have provided extensive information regarding laundering standards and recommendations and how they relate to infection control guidance in this post:

Our caps are provided in a mailing bag designed for ongoing use to keep your clean caps stored within.


Do the theatre caps comply with hospital standards?

Yes our TheatreCaps comply with all international standards for hospital attire.


What are the caps made out of?

Our theatre caps and scrubs are made from antimicrobial 65% polyester 35% cotton material 150gsm thickness. This material has been chosen through refinement and customer feedback to keep the wearer cool and follow the contours of the head.


Are they durable?

The cap design shape has been optimised through staff feedback. Our caps are designed to have no loose parts - we’re aware it’s vitally important nothing falls off the caps.


Will the printed text fade away overtime?

The simple answer is no.

We use a digital transfer printing process using the highest quality film returning premium results for washing and vibrancy. Our application method embeds into the material ensuring no delamination.

The print is a stretch sub block ensuring no die migration from the print into the fabric. The print embeds into the material itself so it won’t come off and unlike some printing techniques it doesn’t fade with internationally recommended washing techniques.


Am I allowed to choose colours? What about fonts?

You can select from a range of standard colours - navy, light blue, grey/charcoal, black, green, pink, floral pink. For large bulk orders we can produce caps of any colour.

The font has been chosen to be 2 tone (one for name and another for role). The font colour and type and size of font is chosen so that it stands out well from the background and can be read well from a distance. We can alter this font colour based on customer request.


Is there  an option to customise my order, ie. add an extra logo, use Chinese character text?

We are able to display high quality logos on the caps - we simply require a high resolution image file - simply contact me at info@theatrecaps directly and we will accommodate your request.

We are able to use any written character text eg Chinese text.


How soon will my caps be delivered?

Our delivery timescale is dependent on the size of the orders. Orders are created within 1 to 3 days. We using the excellent EasyShip shipping service which allows you to choose how quickly your caps are delivered after production.


How can payments be made?

For individual orders payment can be made by credit card or through PayPal.

How about payments for bulk orders?

Payments can be made online through clicking on the invoice, via direct deposit into our TransferWise international bank accounts, credit card and Pay Pal.

Information regarding group order payments will be sent via  invoice.


Are discounts available for group/bulk orders?

Yes. We offer discounts for group orders over 25, 100 and greater orders. Please email me at and I can forward our brochure with a breakdown of prices.

Take a look at our group order page.

For group orders

Less than 25 - we recommend using our online booking form

25 and greater - we recommend downloading our excel file

100 and greater - we can provide you with a unique URL link/QR code which can either be emailed to staff who will receive caps so they may enter their information individually. We are able to limit the number of caps they can order, the colour of caps, the roles that can be entered and further information depending on your bespoke requirements.


Order placement is considered when we have a full list of cap styles, colours, names and roles and have received full payment. 

We work closely with our customers to provide the best solutions for them to help obtain this information.

The balance of payment is to be paid on the customer providing complete order details. Customers will be provided with full tracking details.


Please let me know if you have any other questions - email me at

Warmest regards.

The TheatreCaps Team


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