Owned Caps

Have your won reusable theatre caps already?
would you like to have you read name and role printed on them?
Have your own reusable theatre caps already?
Would you like to see your name and role printed on them?
We can do this for you. 
To make this service viable we require a minimum of ? theatre caps per mailing - perhaps involve your work colleagues too.
Simply mail your washed theatre caps to us at:
Unit 1, 1 Sydney Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204
Please write on paper as legibly as possible and attach (preferably staple on side of cap) the name and role you would like printed on each cap. 

Ensure you attach a return mailing address for the order. We’ll contact you when we’ve received the caps - we aim to return imprinted caps within X working days.
We charge $5 per cap.
The caps are returned together, each packaged individually in reusable degradable zip lock bags. 
Return Addressee Details:
Number of caps for printing (minimum ?)
Section to allow names and roles to easily be typed in (not mandatory)
Charge - autopopulates as multiple of $5 per cap commencing at minimum of 5 x ?
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Please ensure you provide one return mailing address for the order.
While these caps are your own we cannot guarantee they reach ACORN or other international material standards.